Time to give up your office: 5 ways to make the most of co-working

Have you ever thought about not having an office at all, even if you’re the boss? The office configuration is evolving rapidly around the world as technology is changing the way people work and a new facility in South Africa makes the most of this trend. The increase in collaborative work, which refers to several individuals or organizations working independently in a shared environment, but benefiting from logistical synergies, is a worldwide phenomenon due to its profitability, immediacy and flexibility.

It has attracted certain types of businesses in particular, the most obvious are freelancers and new businesses. However, shared economy is not only appropriate for those who are on the rise, but also for those who have already reached the top. Many senior executives must work and meet clients regularly, but they do not necessarily have their own offices. In response, Investec Property and Giant Leap workplace specialists launched a first in South Africa:

FutureSpace, a suite of high-end and on-demand offices that meet the highest caliber of business people. These facilities are considered the “office of the future” for executives. The executive wing of FutureSpace offers all the benefits of cooperating and much more, with its services specifically designed for executives and artists. This requires “collaboration” in the field of “pro-work,” the company said. It was considered that every detail meets the needs of executives, starting with the direction of the 2,600 square meter metro unit in the heart of South Africa’s financial center: 61 Katherine Street, Sandton, Johannesburg.

There is an exclusive executive wing, five star business class room, concierge service, support staff, fitness center and electronic security 24 hours a day. Fully equipped offices for executives are available immediately, taking the hassle out of booking arrangements. There are no installation, maintenance or receipt costs or significant lease restrictions, with executive office spaces designed to be used from one month to one year. So what executive-level activities will benefit from collaborative work? We have the top five contenders:

1. Multi-company consulting
Managers often work across multiple interests and businesses. FutureSpace offers the ideal workspace suites in a desk with independent support rooms, cafeterias with food and meeting rooms equipped with videoconferences and presentation tools. Of course, high-speed Wi-Fi fiber is a fact. The offices are equipped with award winning ergonomic furniture that can be changed according to the user’s preferences. It is also an ideal place for high level business meetings as it has the amenities, privacy and security required.

2. International trade interests
For international business executives, FutureSpace is more than a quality business environment: this is where hospitality and business come together, thanks to the luxury hotel experience that includes restaurant and restaurant reservations, hotel, luggage storage and advice on the local area. The first installation of Sandton is the first of a network of such spaces in South Africa and internationally, beginning with London. These will be in high-end locations and close to good transport links.

3. Due diligence and merger
When there is a lot at stake, the office space should be compatible with agility and performance. FutureSpace is ideal for configuring teams involved in due diligence and major transactions, for example. It has everything you need to run efficiently and privately, backed by high-performance resources.

4. New offices, divisions and companies.
Multinationals can quickly set up an office or division in South Africa, with immediate and uncomplicated access to fully operational offices that support an agile response to business opportunities. Executives, consultants, professionals, contractors and companies can benefit from the convenience and flexibility of FutureSpace Plug-and-Play.

5. Flexible project space
Consulting companies and major banks are constantly embarking on new projects. FutureSpace allows you to host consultants and hire staff for new or short-term projects. Businesses can also rent strategic meeting rooms and brainstorming sessions.

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