Latest Rolls redefines the ultimate in luxury

It rains in Zurich, Switzerland. I would describe it as a sort of British day. Appropriate, perhaps, because we are in the luxury home to experience nothing but the new Rolls-Royce Phantom. The Phantom has been around for 92 years, making it the oldest nameplate in the automotive industry. At that time, all were revered as an icon of craftsmanship and luxury. In the new, there are allusions to the past in design, with design director Giles Taylor saying that in the Phantom VIII “we will immerse ourselves in the expression of the 1920s”.

This is clearer in later scan lines, but it is also the character of the car that is about maximum luxury relaxed without exaggerating things and certainly not being rude. The luxury comes at a price, but, honestly, we are inclined to say that if you have to ask and all this. The exact price is difficult in any case, since the exchange rate moves more than one plane in a Johannesburg storm, but obviously we are talking about millions, millions, and there are options. Richard Carter, director of communications for Rolls-Royce, called the ultimate luxury, luxury homes, but in the world are likely to agree, after all, many of them refer to their products as “the Rolls-Royce from “.

The latest generation is new, including soundproof floor-level tires. This is important because CEO Torsten Mueller-Otvos asked his team to “ensure that this is the quietest vehicle in the world,” said Philip Koehn, the company’s director of engineering. These huge 22-inch wheels feature the familiar double-R logo that stays directly in the wheel hubs. Continental wheels that surround the wheels are smart Continental tires are not just a foam layer to repair the tire in case of a puncture, but another layer of foam that reduces the amount of noise emanating from the rubber on the road surface. It is important that the atmosphere in the cabin is as quiet as possible.

Koehn says the Phantom features “luxury architecture” that includes a new platform that will support all future models, including the new Cullinan SUV. It makes extensive use of aluminum, including the ceiling and C-pillar, which in the era of robotic welding, still have to be welded together by hand as a robot becomes very grumpy trying to cope with metallic edge imperfections. Two studs should reach the weld points exactly at the same time with exactly the same amount of heat to avoid contortion in the metal and ensure that it retains its structural rigidity.

But this is a Rolls, all about the attention to detail and the luxury made by hand, and there are many. I can continue with the magnificent 6.75-liter V12 bi-turbo engine with one of the most progressive power groups on the planet (I find myself using words like planet when I speak of Phantom) the refinement, ambience and interior quality that counts. “We are not in the automotive sector in a traditional sense,” says Mueller-Ottos. That’s right, Rolls is in the luxury transportation sector and this means that the occupants of the new Phantom are the most skilled. This includes ensuring a quiet cabin, a very quiet cabin. Koehn says the interior is three to six decibels quieter than its nearest competitor.

We drove the long wheelbase version that measures 5.98 m (standard version is 5.76 m), which means legroom for miles and thick carpet to lose your shoes. The seats have the best leather and do not sit , you remain stagnant, with your head resting on the headrest as if it were a pillow with the Saxon or Savoy.

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