Mi Mix 2 is proof that Xiaomi isn’t just about the Redmi

Xiaomi was somewhat reluctant to bring its real flagship phones (and other key devices) to India, and the company was more than vocal about the reason behind it. Some of these phones (and devices) would be too expensive to sell here. Add to that the flagship strategy of Xiaomi per year here, and suddenly you have a lot of hard decisions to make. Last year, the Mi 5 made the cut. This year, Mi 6 did not. Rather, Xiaomi chose the unmixed Mi Mix 2 as its flagship product of 2017, and the rest as they tell the story.

You can call it a crazy decision, but, for Xiaomi, there is a method defined to his madness so it seems. “The main reason we do the Mi Mix 2 in India is because we want more people to know more about Xiaomi, we want people to know that Xiaomi is not just about the Redmi range in India , know us (and identify us) from our Redmi range, “said Jai Mani, product manager for Xiaomi India, exclusively to India Today Tech.

There is no doubt that Xiaomi hit the bull’s eye with his Redmi line-up, but clearly, this is not all that Chinese society is all about. The company manufactures everything under the sun, from phones, laptops, food banks, to crazy ecosystem products ranging from pens to suitcases. “There are different levels of knowledge in India, there are people who know us for our Redmis, and there are also people who know our ecosystem products like our umbrella. India. ”

But while last year consisted of keeping prices low – Xiaomi launched the Mi 5 in India early April 2016. Many were not impressed by the fact that it only launched the 32 gig model here, and this also at a price of R 24,999 – 2017, is to show what Xiaomi is capable of: making revolutionary devices at affordable prices. And the Mi Mix 2 is a classic example. Even at its apparently high range of 36,000 rupees. “As soon as you exceed 20,000 rupees, you have eliminated a large majority of the market, but you must also understand that phones are never expensive and that it is the best phone at that price.”

For Xiaomi, the Mi Mix 2 is its best bet at its price. The Mi Mix 2 is the most expensive phone from Xiaomi in India to date. Given what it brings to the table, however, it does not take any genius to ensure that the Mi Mix 2 should be an expensive phone. In line with the current high-end flagship phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the LG V30 and even the soon-to-be-released iPhone from Apple.

Last year, Mi Mix was literally a work of art. So much so that Xiaomi billed it as a concept phone. “We called it a conceptphone because we thought it was some kind of user experience. The manufacturing and the heap of technologies we used were not really used at the time. “Explained Jai.

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