Despite Supreme Court Ban, Online Sale of Firecrackers on in Delhi, NCR

New Delhi: While the Supreme Court ruled Monday to ban the sale of firecrackers, it seems to have left a small loophole throughout the process. Although this is not an unchained trend, the apex court seems to have lost the online sale of cookies. Many firecrackers, such as the Cock brand for example, have a legitimate website where you can order firecrackers online. The site mentions that the minimum order should be Rs 3,000. The Supreme Court, taking into account the levels of air pollution in Delhi, especially after Diwali, ordered a blanket ban on the sale of firecrackers, not explode, from 1 November.

Sites like, ayyanonline,, and even e-bay sell firecrackers of all kinds throughout the country. The apex court, however, does not say so. “Say, for example, that the firecracker company is based in Bangalore and that the order is made from Delhi, the seller can reject the order bearing in mind that the buying area belongs to the SC order. online Delhi, ideally should stop their practices because the SC has banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR, “said lawyer Ashish Dixit.

Another aspect that the order seems to be silent is what happens to all those who bring firecrackers from other states, say Uttar Pradesh or Haryana. In addition, since firecrackers are not banned, those who have already stored the cookies will continue to celebrate the festivities, creating disorder in the observation of the Court, based on the reduction of air pollution. The Supreme Court on Monday banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi and the region of the national capital, specifying that its order of September 12 that allows temporarily the sale of firecrackers would take effect on November 1.

A two-court Supreme Court judge led by Judge AK Sikri said he wanted to test the effect of the notorious toxic ban on domestic air in view of the upcoming Diwali. “We should see at least in a Diwali the impact of a party without cracker,” said the bench. Diwali is October 19 and the order really means that no firecrackers are available for purchase before the festival. On September 12, the court temporarily suspended its order of September 11, 2016, suspending permanent licenses for the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR. During the appeal hearing to reinstate last year’s order, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPBB) stated that it “supported” the request.

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